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Meeting for February 3rd

While I am not as fantastic as Candice, this is your president typing up the minutes from our meeting today, February 3rd. This was primarily a business meeting and no Latin was presented.

We had a new member. Her name is Quinn. Chime in "we're here for you Quinn" and then we're groovy and able to continue.

Fund Raising
This week, in the joint fundraiser with Phi Alpha Theta, we made approx. $20. This is having only advertised the coffee to two departments. This coming week, Diana (the sexy president of Phi Alpha Theta) will be putting out flyers in every department in Patterson. It was decided that in order to spare the two groups excess stress this quarter that we will not open this to the mass student body until spring quarter.

For this quarter, Phi Alpha Theta will be taking care of the coffee while Classics Club will be providing the food. All food must be individually wrapped. Marie offered to purchase saran wrap in bulk at the Holy Costco of bethlehem (otherwise known as Northern Spokane) along with the giant muffins. Because the history professors claim to be healthy, there will be apples in a bowl. We will see how long that lasts since, as we know, they are heavy drinkers and not as healthy as they seem.

Food is due by 8 AM and will be thrown into the refrigerator/freezer at 1 PM. Food will only be available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. It's pointless to do it on Fridays since most profs don't show up.

In regards to ASOR, Brett has an alcohol serving permit. Alcohol would be good. They have tenure - we need to get money off of them. Phi Alpha Theta will provide minions in exchange for some money. If we decide to hold another dinner, gladiatorial,l games will be conducted. A legal agreement will be written up to prevent the club from incurring any legal damages, as well as the possibility of boys vs. girls. Hey, battle of the sexes, loves.

In order to prevent a fiasco like we faced at the beginning of the quarter, all members MUST have their schedules into the officers by the end of 9th week.

Officers & Club Constitution
At the beginning of the year, the constitution was suspended from Classics Club due to the severe conflicts and officer problems with the previously existing one. Basically, there were no officers and according to the old constitution, there could be no officers. In order to prevent this from happening, the constitution is going to be completely rewritten by this years officers and the ones who will be coming in next year. Within this constitution, the following will be addressed:

  • voting in officers

  • emergency clauses

  • elections and impeachment proceedings

  • fundraising

  • officer titles/responsibilities

  • primas inter pares, or first among equals, which is how the government of the club will officially run

Once the officers have come to an agreement about constitution, a draft will be put before the club and voted on.

Also, it should be noted that the titles of officers will consist of two different names. An official title for the sake of CVs and a club title for the sake of being cool.

President - Consul. One of two rulers in the Roman Republic, similar to the Spartan kings but don't call them a King because you'll get impeached. Held under the restraint of primas inter pares.
Vice President - Vice Despot. A ruler. Generally sex. The addition of Vice was recently accepted into the dictionary of Eastern Washington University compliments of the initiation by Allison.
Secretary - Artisan in Residence with a Focus in Scribal Duties for the Sake of Propaganda. Otherwise know as "Scribe in Residence".
Treasurer - Minister of Finance. It sounds sexy.
Minister of Defence - The President's Bodyguard. While this sounds rather ridiculous, the current president makes it necessary. They are also in charge of keeping the peace and preventing anyone's temper from taking over. If the MoD is male, he shall be known as "Q". If the MoD is female, she shall be known as "M". Thank you, Mr. Bond.
Historian - The Herodotus in Residence. I would like to delude myself into thinking this is self explantory.
Senator - The Advisor for the Club (aka Dr. Bazemore. Or... Senator Bazemore. Or Senator Dr. Bazemore). This is due to the fact that the senators of Rome advised the consuls based on wisdom.
Primas Inter Pares - First Among Equals. Not an official title, but the form of government that shall be holding this club. This is a Macedonian idea of first among equals. While the Consul rules the meetings and is president, they must yield to the expertise of their officer core and/or club. They also cannot act without the approval of the officer core and/or club. This protects the Consul from becoming a tyrant.

At the MAC this coming Wednesday, the excavator of Troy will be speaking at 7. If you need a ride, e-mail Marie.

Crappy news. Brett and Marie are presenting their papers at the same time. Marie is going to call up her friend Elizabeth to talk to the Willamette dude, since Elizabeth is in good with everyone, to see about a possible schedule change.

Brett Gets Cookies
Because Brett is willing to come out and teach Latin to us next quarter, schedule permitting, he gets cookies.

Meetin Adjourned at 12:40. Thank you Allison for taking the notes.
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